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Liberal Nazies! (and Rabid Rightwingers)

<rant>I have a big problem with the Liberal Nazi do-gooders! I have no problem with them wanting to do "good" but the problem is they have this unrealistic idea of how the world should be and refuse to accept that maybe they are wrong. They walk around as if they have some sort of moral superiority, and as such couldn't be bothered arguing there point with a sub-human immoral idiot like myself</rant>

Don't label be a pink-o but I whole-heartedly agree that Communism would be the perfect social/political system. Problem is that Communism is purely the theoretical. Since the entire system depends on every single individual to work for the betterment of every other individual and society as a whole, all you need is one selfish fucker to take advantage of this and the entire system spirals down towards chaos! The closest real world example of Communism is Socialism which has been proven NOT to work! I also believe that Capitalism is probably the worst social/political system. However capitalism works on greed and the individuals personal desire to achieve more. Say what you will - Greed Works! Capitalism might be the worst system but it is the only system that works!

"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." - Margaret Thatcher

That being said, socialists have this unrealistic idea of how the world works. And this ideology has infected every university and politician (is it a coincidence that neither lives in the real world??). A prime example of this was an university textbook we (Dean and I) found. It was a required text for student teachers (Dean's girlfriend at the time). This is not a perfect quote but the entry when something like this:

Question: Little Johnny wants a toy that Rebecca is playing with. Johnny forcefully takes the toy from Rebecca and hits her over the head with the toy. How do you resolve this situation?
Answer: You sit Johnny down and explain how hitting Rebecca with the toy was wrong and how it made her feel bad. (And this is the part that really gets me) Little Johnny will immediately understand what he did is wrong, feel sorry for what he did and never do it again!

Rabid Rightwingers - i.e. The Christian Right!

Don't for a minute think I am just against Liberal Nazies... I also can't stand most of the Christian right! They have the same moral superiority issues I mentioned above, however I will admit that rather then not arguing with me (which I would actually prefer) they are all too happy to argue.

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