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Irish are possible the worst drivers in the world!

Driving in Ireland is a real experience! It jumps between a "roller coaster" and "stuck in cement" experience. The problem is that there are a number of factors that all merge to create the end result - Bad Drivers!

Lack of Training (Lack of Driving Culture)

I will being with the excuses (as I see them) for why the Irish as so bad.

  1. There is no driving culture. What I mean by this, is that it is only relatively recently that Irish have been driving. So therefore, there is no culture that is handed down on how to drive or driving etiquette.
  2. A side effect of this is that there are very few properly experienced drivers. This in combination with the Celtic Tiger meant everyone one at once was buying cars and applying for licenses. So many in fact that routinely over the years the Irish government just gifted licenses to everyone who was waiting

Pick a Lane (any lane)

Merging Lanes is not Voodoo

Parallel Parking is easy

What is this obsession with Bus Lanes?

Poor Roads

The British

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