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OpenOffice Productivity Suite

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(:title OpenOffice Productivity Suite:)

OpenOffice is a suite of office productivity applications, providing a word processor, presentation and spreadsheet applications, an HTML editor and a drawing tool. OpenOffice has extensive file-format compatibility with Microsoft Office, allowing users to better share files between platforms. OpenOffice also exports documents in Adobe portable document format (PDF) with no additional software required.

While not an exact feature-for-feature match to Microsoft Office, OpenOffice provides the vast majority of capabilities for creating, processing, reviewing, and revising the documents required in daily business. The user interface requires little retraining for current Windows and Microsoft Office users and the file-import and export tools ensure that users never have to worry about file formats when collaborating with Microsoft Office users. Also, while OpenOffice is widely available on various Linux distributions (including Novell SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10) it is also available for Microsoft Windows Systems.


Enhanced Support for Microsoft Office File Formats

OpenOffice supports import and export of Microsoft Office file formats, even taking advantage of geometrically compatible fonts to match document length. Transparent document sharing makes OpenOffice the best choice for customers who are deploying Linux desktops in a mixed Linux/Windows environment. Preferences can be changed to modify the default save types of the files. Allowing you to open and save all documents in Microsoft Office File Formats without even thinking about it.

Improved Software Quality

OpenOffice also includes a number of back-ported fixes for improved Microsoft Office file sharing, including full conversion of embedded objects and improved compatibility with Microsoft Excel functions.

Export to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

OpenOffice exports documents in Adobe portable document format (PDF) with no additional software required. This useful tool will allow you to send read-only documents to clients and business partners.

Other Improvements in Novell Edition of OpenOffice

  • The Novell Edition of OpenOffice is tightly integrated with Evolution, allowing users to send documents as e-mail and to perform mail merges using the Evolution addressbook as a datasource.
  • Unlike the standard edition of OpenOffice, which strips out Microsoft Office macros, the Novell Edition of OpenOffice preserves these macros. This ensures that users who collaborate with Microsoft Office users maintain the integrity of documents, and it allows for the possibility that these features will be supported in future versions of the product.
  • Novell has also integrated the File selection dialog so that it uses the native desktop dialogs rather than standard OpenOffice dialogs.
  • Printers configured for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop are available in OpenOffice in a more user-friendly format than the more cryptic "/usr/bin/lpr"
  • Novell have also improved file access so that files are available from any source available to the computer (so network files open and save seamlessly, as you would expect).
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