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Back in the day, Novell was THE software company when it came to networking. Long before Microsoft even dreamed of connecting small workstations, Novell was doing it and doing it well. Never heard of Novell? I'm not surprised, while Novell does produce some of the best-of-breed software in the market today, it has been and is still a horrible company when it comes to Marketing and selling itself. Novell is that kid in the corner of class that knows all the answers but for some reason never raises his had (or her hand).

Novell has been reinventing it self lately with what it calls Open Enterprise. What this boils down to is "We don't care what you do, or what you do it with, Novell systems will simply work with whatever you have." Seeing the decline of the NetWare Server platform (to be fair, NetWare was an outstanding File and Print server) and the rise of Open Source Software, Novell purchased SuSE Linux and ported many of their previously proprietary applications to Open Source. This move is nearly unheard of in the software world and it is one that I am betting will pay off big time.

Novell is a worldwide leading provider of enterprise-class software and services. They have earned this position by offering flexible solutions that combine open source and commercial technologies based on open standards. Novell and Brandt Computers can help you manage, simplify, secure and integrate your IT systems, and lower costs and complexity while increasing your return on investment. Novell provides global services and support and have a history of innovation and superior engineering. They build customer solutions leveraging our worldwide network of more than 800 technology partners, 900 training partners and 3,200 solution provider partners.

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