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The Sad Story of the Death of Brandt Computers!

The story of Brandt Computers is a sad tale of government bureaucracy and civil servants' incompetents!

The story begins in late 2005. At the time I was working for an Irish Company where I promotional opportunities were limited. Due to the size of the company, I had little chance of being promoted or increasing my technical proficiency. A good friend of mine, a natural-born salesman, convinced me to start my own consulting company.

One snag in the process was that I am American citizen. This cases two problems: First, in order to start an Irish company, I would need an Irish citizen to agree to be a director. The second was that in order to work in Ireland I would need a work permit.

Luck for me, my friend agreed to help me starting my company by being my other director. And as for the work permit, I had a Work Authorisation which is basically a Work Visa which belongs to me rather than a company. With a Work Authorisation Visa, I am able to work for ANY Irish company as long as it is in a ICT (Information and Computer Technology) Field.

Everything was moving along fine. My consulting business had a number of contracts including a large Government contract. I was about to start a cutting edge Hosting company. And I getting ready to expand the company which would have made me more money (and therefore taxes) and employed others.

Then in February 2007 I went into the GNIB (Garda Nationalisation and Immigration Bureau) to renew my Work Authorisation, something I do every two years. There I made the mistake of volunteering the fact that I work for my own company. That moment was the beginning of the end.

Turns out that while my Work Authorisation did say I can work for ANY Irish company, there is a different Visa program called Business Permission. It is designed to for foreigns that want to start companies in Ireland. So therefore I

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